Shakespeare, Marion, and Mudlarking (31st January 2014)

4 Jun

This update is four months late, but I wanted to include it nevertheless:

I was in London for a meeting of my philosophy reading group — established with Rob Schwartz under the direction of our undergraduate mentor, Dr Jim Faulconer. We were reading Jean-Luc Marion’s The Erotic Phenomenon after hours at Rob’s law firm in London. As we finished late, I crashed at Rob’s place in Chelmsford and then took an early train back to London with an eye towards standing in line for ticket returns at the National Theatre; Simon Russell Beale is playing Lear in a staging whose aesthetic owes something to the 20th c. experience of totalitarianism.

I was quite near the front of the line from 6 a.m. — drizzly weather — but an hour later I learned that Lear was dark that night. I rushed across the centre to another theatre hoping to score tix to Coriolanus, but as this picture makes clear, I arrived too late for any hope of returns.

photo 8I had to modify theatre plans, but it turned out to be a lovely day along the Thames.

photo 1

photo 7

photo 3

The only ‘finds’ were a couple of interesting pipe stems and this bit of pottery, which I preferred from amongst thousands of sherds for some reason and took with me:

photo (9)There were other interesting things on the foreshore, of course, including this oar and a Ganesha. 

photo 4 photo 2 photo 5 


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