OBMDC at Radley

19 Oct

Sunday, 18 October

This was Gez’s last dig for awhile, and I attended to bid him farewell. We shared a Tesco’s Victoria sponge cake, but not much else besides aluminium waste. Mike the Hat had a lovely George V sixpence, as well as a Roman radiate in which some long-ago person had drilled a pendant hole. The only find I had was another of the mysterious bronze rings, which could date from the Iron Age or be much more recent.

Later in the day I spent some time on my P to see if I could have a bit more luck. I did find some coins, including a George V penny (1927) and a Victoria ha’penny (1862). The others were too worn to make out, but probably Georgian.

IMG_7535 IMG_7536

IMG_7540 IMG_7541 IMG_7542

The other object in the pictures is a bit of a floriate button, possibly medieval, which turned up at the club dig near Scotsgrove on the 27th of September. I didn’t include it earlier and thought I would here, as I might end up recording it.

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