On the Baltic

2 Mar

Gdynia, Poland, 6 February 2016

My Polish friend Ania was keen to try detecting, and as Polish antiquities laws are draconian in the extreme, I suggested a visit to the seashore. Gdynia is about five hours from Warsaw, but watching the wintry landscape flash by offered the chance to clear my head.

Once on the beach, we started to get loads of signals with the Deus’s Wet Beach programme, but most of these were bottlecaps from a who’s who of Polish beers. We did find some modern clad, and as The Hat says — quoted often here at EoW — ‘a coin is a coin’. We also found one earring with lots of plastic leaves depending from it (not a keeper).

As we searched, we noticed several mainly elderly people jumping into the Baltic. The air temp was probably zero or near that; lower with the windchill. The water can’t have been much warmer. The bathers turned out to belong to the local ‘Mors’, or Walrus, Club, what we would call polar bear swimmers in the States. Not to be outdone, I stripped off to my pants and jumped in.

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