Deus Redux

18 Mar

I used my 9″ coil as a trade-in at Leisure Promotions against a new 11″ coil and remote, so that I would have a full Deus again in advance of the v4 release and new HF coils. When it arrived, I arranged to visit my main permission to test it out. Unfortunately the unit does not come pre-charged, so I just had time for a quick 20 minute hunt as night was coming on. I did get to spend time with my friend the farmer watching Six Nations rugby (France beat Wales with a last-minute try) while the coil charged.

I decided to search near the farmhouse (17th cent.) this time round, and I quickly found a George VI penny from 1938 — I love the green patina they get! Next I found a modern coin spill: 2 pound coin (not too shabby – pays for the bus fare at least!) a 10p and a penny. The oldest coin in the spill was 2001, and all the coins were at about 9 inches under lawn, so they might have been lost in 2001 or slightly thereafter. I also found a flat button.

At the corner of the farmhouse I found this sterling silver bracelet, which the farmer said did not belong to his family.


I look forward to trying the Deus version 4 update on Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted!

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