3x Silver with Deus v4!

29 Mar

Yesterday I had the whole day to hunt my permissions near Oxfordshire. In light of my upcoming return to the States, I really wanted to make the most of it. It was also my first hunt with version 4, the newly updated Deus firmware. I found it to be a silver magnet, quickly netting me a cut half (silver penny cut, for example, to make change) of Edward the Confessor, the Saxon king who ruled England until the coming of William the Conqueror in 1066.

An hour later my Deus sang out with a signal in the high 90s. Usually this means aluminum can “slaw”, so I was shocked after digging and digging to find this massive hammered coin at almost 8 inches down. It is an Elizabethan silver shilling (ca. 1582-84), and by far the largest “hammy” I have ever found.

I was tired by this time, but so excited by the finds that I pressed on. Last of all I found a milled silver shilling of George V (1923) (bottom row, far L).


In addition I found a penny of Victoria (1887) with a lovely patina; one from her son, Edward VII (1902); three coins so knackered that they had no images — probably Georgian, as they take the worst beating in English soils; a pre-decimal six pence; a modern clad 20p; and a Euro 50 cent piece that gave me heart palpitations with its golden glint when my spade turned the soil. All in all an excellent hunt. I find that I am really liking the standard XY display screen with the factory Deep program on v4.

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