New Permissions

23 Feb

After rewatching the first two seasons of The Detectorists and watching the Christmas special and season 3 for the first time, I was inspired to seek some detecting permissions on this side of the water. I prepared a new letter and finds enclosure and sent out several dozen letters to landowners in the area, including the owners of several historical plantations. On the 21st February I received my first North American permission. I can’t reveal much now, but watch this space for updates coming soon.

The pictures below are from my second permission, near the first, which came in on the 23rd February. It’s a beautiful spot and well positioned in terms of the area’s Colonial history, but the site has been used as a recent midden; lots of can slaw everywhere. I did turn up one piece of old iron and one modern Lincoln penny with a shield reverse. As Mike the Hat used to say, “a coin’s a coin!”

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