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Toy Cannon

17 Mar


Thought I’d undertake a short hunt today on Peter Quince; swing until I found the first museum-worthy artefact. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I ended up spending four hours, and although I made several interesting finds, none was of the drop-dead variety. The most unusual was this toy cannon with the burst barrel. At first I thought it had been plough nicked, but once I got it home and cleaned it, it became obvious that this had once been a working toy (health and safety regulations were different back then)! There was a functional bore and vent, and swabbing with a Q-tip revealed black powder residue in the bottom of the bore. Some long-ago kid must have overcharged the thing, or it had its barrel partially obstructed and burst — hopefully the onlookers stood well back! Other interesting finds included part of what might be a simple fibula brooch:IMG_0872

a beech leaf worked in copper:


what seems to be a pot handle; various buttons, including a possible medieval one; a knackered Vickie penny (1863) and a Georgian ha’penny (unclear which George). Finally, as I was leaving the field at midday I found a jeton, probably Nuremberger as it appears to have the imperial orb within a tressure of three arches and three angles on the reverse:



The tally, buttons to the R