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FLO Notes on the Southend-on-Sea Finds

11 Mar

I corresponded today with Katie Marsden, FLO for Essex, regarding the objects Kurt and Kat unearthed from the beach in Southend on Sunday. Of the apparently leaden sphere, she writes ‘it is possible that it is a musket ball, although there is something curious about it. As you say, the metal is reddish which along with the patch of green material visible on the image, indicates that it possibly includes copper alloy rather than purely lead. This would make it very unusual for a musket ball and makes me suspect it might have had another purpose’.

Of the object K&K call the ‘silver purse’, apparently a chunk of burnished lead, Katie writes:  ‘the material is difficult to judge from the image although it does look too shiny to be historic lead or to have been buried for any length of time’.

Finally, referring to the Gato Rojo, Katie notes that ‘this looks as if it could be a glassy material. Does that fit with the object in the flesh so to speak? If it is metal it could be casting waste from a crucible but is tricky to ID from an image. If you […] would like me to take a look at these objects in more detail, I am based in Colchester although if more convenient, I am able to make appointments to see finders at some of the local Essex museums’.