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Badger Brand for Gold Bars

27 Feb

Badger Brand for Gold Bars

This is a non-artist’s (to wit, my) concept shot of a metal stamp to be used for impressing gold and silver bars. Yesterday I sent off the image to a stamp casting company for a quote. The actual stamp will be tiny, approx. 8×14 mm. If we have one made we could use it to impress newly cast bars with our mark.

For some reason, I am enchanted by the idea of a do-it-yourself, electric gold kiln. There is a model called the HandyMelt; true, it sounds like an Arby’s sandwich, but it allows you to melt down flour gold and jewellery into bars and buttons. Here is one of the coolest videos I have found of the HandyMelt process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7nZDqppT-g