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Two More Digs

15 Feb
Photo © Gabriel Schenk

Photo © Gabriel Schenk

Dig on Friend’s P

A friend of mine in the detecting community uses ‘P’ as an abbreviation for ‘permission’. On the morning of Thursday the 12th, he invited me to his P to search. It was mainly overgrown pasture, with a couple of stolid Shire horses in residence, lazily cropping at the grasses. We detected for a couple of hours, but all I managed to turn up was £3.54 in modern clad coinage.

IMG_0243 IMG_0251 IMG_0252

I also found a feather (I think from a female peafowl, as there were peacocks about), which I want to keep in the hatband of the replacement kapelusz goralski I have ordered.

Because all the coins were modern, I decided to attempt a cleaning that I heard about on youtube using vinegar and salt. You’re meant to keep copper coins separate from other metals lest they all turn a pinkish colour, but although I obeyed this advice, the experiment wasn’t entirely successful. I left the coins in the solution overnight (it was similar to dyeing Easter eggs I thought, in appearance and smell), and in the morning the results looked like this:

IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0257

The dig was also of note for my use of new kit: an Evolution Pro Spade, which I customised with midnight blue powder coating and a D handle; wireless headphones for the AT Pro; and the Detecting Buddy Easy Swing, a detecting sling I wanted to try out in advance of the arrival of a new, massive NEL coil from the Ukraine, which I’ve ordered to really punch down into the pasture on my P. I am delighted to report that all of the new kit worked brilliantly. With the Easy Swing my detector weighed next to nothing, and the spade sliced through thick mud like a warm knife through butter. Best of all were the wireless headphones, attached via a receiver dongle to the Garrett headphone adapter. For the first time I didn’t feel as though the phones were being yanked off my head when I lowered the detector to retrieve a target. Here’s a picture of the receiver, mounted beneath the arm cup (and covered with a sandwich bag to keep out the wet):


Dig II.2

Today I took Gabriel and his cousin Toby with me to explore a field on my second permission. The mud soon caked our boots, and conditions on the field were incredibly quiet, but Gabriel captured some lovely pictures (all credits are his below, except for finds close-ups). We found a handful of shooting brasses, and three flat buttons, but precious little else (and all of that modern). We finished with a hearty pub lunch nearby.

IMG_0291 IMG_0293 IMG_0292 IMGP5752 IMGP5770 IMGP5790 IMGP5785 IMGP5815 IMGP5841 IMGP5882 IMGP5795 IMGP5804