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First Hunt with NEL Big Coil

28 Feb

I’m posting this about a week late, as I’ve been busy with my latest thesis chapter. Last Sunday, the 22nd February, found me at an OBMDC dig in Rycote. The fields had apparently given up a gold half stater on a previous dig, but this was the thirteenth (13?!) time the club were visiting, and the bashed fields had nothing left to give. It was as quiet as a cemetery at midnight, so not ideal conditions for testing the depth capabilities of the new NEL Big Coil which just arrived from the Ukraine.

NEL Big Coil compared to stock AT Pro coil

NEL Big Coil compared to stock AT Pro coil

I searched for an hour and a half anyway, until the battery in my Propointer died, but all I managed to find was a modern 20p and a (possibly Tudor) clothes fastener (Update: this looks like a base metal clog clasp, like one of these).

 IMG_0430 FullSizeRender (8)

Due to the conditions, it’s too early to say whether the NEL coil will do what I need it to on the pasture land of my P. I know there is a hoard out there; the location, its unspoilt condition, and proximity to settlements from all major phases of British history practically guarantee it. But at the end of the day, you still have to walk over it (and have a machine that can see far enough into the ground).